Well that’s me. The crazy-sensitive, open-minded television addict called Tomek. I live in Warsaw, the underestimated capital city of Poland. Well, so far, me and the town have something in common.

Since I was born there is a 100% geek inside of me, so I had no other alternative but to study law. It will be my sophomore year this autumn. As one of my professors said, I’ll end up as an office junior with no money and no bright future ahead. Frankly speaking, the last two possiblities were added by me, as he stated his opinion.

By the time I become the geekiest person in the world, I watch The Adorable Gilmore Girls over and over again. From time to time they are paired with Felicity, Northern Exposure, Battlestar Galactica, Everwood, Everybody Hates Chris, Monk, Veronica Mars, Desperate Housewives and Wojna Domowa (this one is Polish).

Apart from being the tv addict, I’m also an audiophile. The higly expected list of my favourites bands will be here soon.


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